Enjoyable Ideas For Your Stag Party

A stag party is one of the rare occasions where it is generally accepted to be an immature adult, although of course there is a fine line that stags do like to get close to crossing.

The unwritten rules are that a stag party has no limits other than that nobody ends up physically or mentally damaged in a way that can not be repaired and that nobody ends up with a criminal record. Other than that the world is your oyster.

Most often, stag groups take advantage of this opportunity by getting more drunk than they usually would, be louder than usually is socially acceptable and make risqué jokes about anyone they see or have ever known.

However, you may want some more ideas on how you can take advantage of this immaturity freedom, so read on for drinking game suggestions, costume ideas and more.

Let’s start with a drinking game, as this is central to all stag parties. ‘I Never’ is one that should be familiar with some of you, so you don’t have to spend half of the evening explaining the rules to everyone.

It enables you to share a few dark secrets and get drunk at the same time. This is achieved by you all sitting together, and one person will start by announcing a true statement beginning with ‘I Never….’. They are following this, everyone, who has done what that person hadn’t, drinks a pre-defined amount of their beverage.

Before you know if you’ll be finding out some shocking secrets about your mates, it is usually the quiet ones that have the most revelations in their closet.

Next up, costumes. It is a must to dress up the stag in outrageous outfits that border on humiliation. The good idea is to combine lots of different costume ideas so that the stag is left looking like he was in a costume shop when it exploded. To make things interesting, he is faced with a forfeit if he is to lose any of his costumes during the night out, which as drinks start flowing and girls start taking an interest, will happen.

Taking the levels of immaturity to a new level and it is time to introduce some dares to the party. This can be done by challenging a member of the group to approach someone in the bar with a truly ridiculous chat up line or question. If they fail to do so a drink, usually horrendous, has to be consumed. Once you’ve all had a few the embarrassment will ease, and you’ll all end up on the floor in hysterics.